Is it possible to vote socialism into power in ‘free-market democracy?’ Nicolas Lalaguna – Morning Star article – Thursday 26th October 2018

Is it possible to vote socialism into power in ‘free-market democracy?’

The revival of socialism has come with an unwelcome renewal of faith in the ‘democratic’ system. The system is anything but democratic, explains Nicolas Lalaguna – Morning Star article – Thursday 26th October 2018

For several years now there has been a resurgence of socialism and a subsequent political mainstreaming of progr

For me the question is, whether the ‘state’ in the ‘free-market democracy‘ model, is funda


A few years later in 1931,

To put it another way, while

If both these statements

First, in a society where

Therefore, thirdly, in order

Next August will be the

Nearly 70 years later and on

By the time Douglas spoke

By the end of the 18th century

A few decades later in 1866,

Still, during the first half

And so, a century

In 2016, the estimates for


Is what we understand as the

The word most commonly

Today, propaganda, as

When the mass media uses

To paraphrase McLuhan. It is

Since the late 1970s there has

It is not particularly contro

The Sutton Tr

A system that prioritises

It is in this role that the

This brings us neatly to the

If it was just a case of propa

In the US in the 1960s and

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