The CWU is fully supporting the Anti Trump Rally and March on Friday 13th July and we would encourage as many as possible of our Reps, members, Branches and Regions to join us and take part in the protest on the day.

The March assembles from 14.00 at the BBC building in Portland Place, where there will also be a music festival. The March then moves onto Trafalgar Square and the Rally commences from 18.00. Full details of the March and Rally can be found at

As Trump is given the red carpet treatment by Theresa May and her government, it’s very important that we make it crystal clear that his divisive politics of promising all things to the gullible, delivering all things to the powerful and blaming all things on the vulnerable, has no place in the UK or any society.

We are not just protesting about Trump – we are protesting against everything he represents and how this links to what we see in the UK. Trump stands for the same growing concentration of power and wealth into the hands of the few that is all too familiar in the UK. He is a threat to peace and economic stability across the world and he uses racist, xenophobic and sexist views to create division and advance his agenda.

We face a similar political landscape in the UK and the Rally is also an opportunity to hold this government to account for a lack of decent jobs, stagnating wages, the housing crisis, our creaking NHS and the scapegoating of migrants.

I will be speaking at the Rally to make it clear that we are on the side of working class people wherever they are from and that its time for the Labour Movement to come together, like never before, to rally against Trump, our own government and all they stand for.

Whilst completely understanding the difficult logistics involved, I would ask Branches to widely publicise the event and do your best to ensure the CWU is well represented.

A further LTB setting out the detail for where CWU will assemble will be sent out in due course

Any enquires on the above LTB should be addressed to

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary

LTB 385/18

View Online


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