TUC New Deal for Workers Rally ‪Saturday 12th May‬

TUC New Deal for Workers Rally Saturday 12th May

In just two days’ thousands of workers will assemble on the Embankment and march for a New Deal for Workers. I urge all branches to use these last moments to push for the highest possible turnout.

We have dispatched large amounts of merchandise but will also have limited numbers of T-Shirts, Flags and Caps available on the day.

The CWU Block is located in Zone 7 on the Embankment. This is near to Waterloo Bridge. The nearest mainline station is Waterloo and the best tube stops are Embankment, Charing Cross or Blackfriars.

The march will be forming up at 11:00 and setting off at around 11:45. We ask Branches to arrive by 11:00 as we are hoping to have the facility for speakers to address the CWU block via a PA system at this time.

On the day we will be making it clear the march is the start and not the end of our call for a New Deal for Workers. Publicity for our position on this will include a 4-page cover spread in the Morning Star on Saturday so please pick up a copy if you can.

Once the march reaches Hyde Park a series of speeches will be made from the main platform. The CWU has a prime slot and we will be immediately followed by Frances O’Grady and Jeremy Corbyn.

Finally, thank you for all the work you have done to deliver what we hope will be a record CWU turnout at a major demonstration – I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed the General Secretary’s Office gsoffice@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary  

18LTB276 – TUC New Deal for Workers Rally 12 May.doc

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