Further to LTB 148/18 please find attached the questions for each of the four sections contained within the Redesign booklet – Conferences, Branches, Regions and National Structures. This may be a useful way of getting the questions out to all of your representatives so they can provide their input.

It may also be useful for drafting your responses and you can then type or cut and paste them into the online questionnaire.

We will send out an email with a Word version and the LTB online will have a PDF version of the questions from the Redesign booklet.

If possible it would be easier if you can please provide a response via the following link:

As stated previously:

Branches can only submit one response to the consultation and this should be signed or verified by one of the principal Branch Officers.

Please answer all questions as fully as possible – the dialogue boxes will expand to allow you to provide detailed responses.

For clarity and ease of analysis please do not provide a hand-written response – all responses should be typed.

Please note there is space at the end of each section for any general comments or to raise any relevant issues not covered by the questions.

Reminder – Closing Date

All responses to be submitted either by post addressed to Redesign Consultation, General Secretary’s Department at CWU HQ or via email to – please note that all completed questionnaires must be received by close of business on 11 May 2018.

We would encourage all Branches to submit their views and opinions regarding the future of the union.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be sent to

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary  

Tony Kearns – Senior Deputy General Secretary 


Redesign Booklet Questions

View Online

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