Stockport Postwoman – Serious Dog Attack, Finger Amputation 8.7.17 –‎ Guilty Dog Owner Sentenced at Stockport Magistrates Court 15.02.18: Summary Report

Stockport Postwoman – Serious Dog Attack, Finger Amputation 8.7.17 –‎ Guilty Dog Owner Sentenced at Stockport Magistrates Court 15.02.18: Summary Report:

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

A Stockport Postwoman and CWU Member who suffered a terrible hand injury with a finger bitten completely off and the tendon extruded whilst she was delivering mail on her round last July, finally got justice when the irresponsible owner was sentenced at Stockport Magistrates Court on 15 February 2018.

Miss Kerry Hackney owner of the vicious, uncontrolled dog that bit the Postwoman’s finger off through the letter box, had been found guilty at an earlier hearing and was back before the Court for sentencing.

The Magistrate passed the following sentence. Miss Kerry Hackney was ordered:-

• To work 160 hours unpaid community service work,

• To pay the victim Postwoman £750 Compensation,

• To pay £85 Court Costs,

• To pay £300 towards Police Kennelling Costs,

Additionally, The Magistrate made the following ancillary orders:-

• A Contingent (Suspended) Destruction Order was placed on the dog.

• The animal has to be on a short leash and muzzle at all times whilst in public.

• The animal can only be let out via the front door if on the leash and muzzled.

• A wire letter box cage has to be fitted to the front door and must remain in place at all times.

• A six foot high fence has to surround the rear yard and be maintained.

• The rear gate must be bolted, locked and secured at all times.

• Any violations reported will result in the case coming back to court and a destruction order made against the dog.

The Magistrate was advised that Miss Hackney held a full-time job at the local hospital and worked two nights at a pub at weekends. Her adult daughter resided with her. (She had submitted a financial statement). The Police kennel fees were £2730 however due to prosecution delays and taking account of her financial statement the Magistrate ruled that Miss Hackney would pay £300 towards the costs.

The Magistrate awarded £750 compensation to the victim Postwoman to be paid by Miss Hackney.

The defence stated that Ms Hackney’s income was not sufficient to pay the total £1135 all at once. The Magistrate agreed a sum of £40 per month (£10 per week) with the first payment to be made within 28 days from the hearing.

This is a satisfactory and welcomed conclusion. We have seen a considerable number of dog attacks through letterboxes across the country over recent years due to poor dog ownership controls and precautions. This case should serve as a warning to those dog owners with a blasé attitude towards these incidents which happen far too often. Full credit goes to Greater Manchester Police for pursuing this case with vigour and determination. Something we don’t see in all the UK’s 50 Police Forces and I want the case to serve as an example to other Police Forces as well.

See attached photograph of the victim Postwoman’s ‎ injury (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE).

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB101 Stockport Postwoman – Serious Dog Attack, Finger Amputation 8.7.17 –‎ Guilty Dog Owner Sentenced at Stockport Magistrates Court 15.02.18 Summary Report

8 July 2017 Stockport Postwoman

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