Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 11 

Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 11 
Youth Conference 2016 adopted motion 11 in the following terms: 
This conference recognises the ongoing issue of proportionality of our rep’s and in particular the lack of young women getting involved. This can be seen throughout the CWU and we believe that the CWU Youth should now make this a priority for all Regional Youth Committee’s and the NYC. This conference therefore instructs the NEC to set up a mentoring programme between the NYC and the Regional Youth Committee’s to work on an organising project over the next year to encourage more young women to get involved with the CWU Youth.
The Youth Committee is instructed accordingly. 
Immediately following Youth Conference, the National Youth Committee decided to refer this matter to colleagues responsible for the CWU-wide mentoring programme for their consideration and assistance. 
I can advise that there have been several mentoring courses and workshop advertised and delivered in the last two years and have been particularly targeted at BME and women activists and at which have been attended by a number of youth representatives from within these groups.
LTB 374/16 (attached) was the last in a series of correspondence explaining the creation and continuation of the in-house “CWU Exchange Mentoring” programme. 
A working group made up of the President, Vice President, Head of Education & Training, Head of Equal Opportunities, NEC members and officers of advisory committees is currently overseeing the project. Mentors have been selected and trained and mentees will be informed in the near future who their proposed match will be with. 
A primary focus on the project has been to concentrate of young activists and it is pleasing that a significant number of young activists are part of the first tranche of mentees. 
The NEC and the working group very much consider this initiative to be a platform from which to work. The model can and will be adopted to further meet the objectives of the motion remitted from Youth Conference. 
Branches are particularly asked to bring this LTB to the attention of their Branch Youth Officers and young activists in their branch and to their delegates to the forthcoming Youth Conference 2017.
Simon Sapper

National Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 736/16 – Youth Conference 2016 – Motion 11

LTB 374/16


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