Slow Manoeuvring Extended Trial in Delivery

Slow Manoeuvring Extended Trial in Delivery 

Branches will recall the slow manoeuvring trial agreed back in September 2015, together with the Terms of Reference contained in LTB 597/15 relating to the issue.


It has come to the attention of the department that an extension of this trial has recently been introduced without agreement into a number of offices.


By way of background to the extension of the existing trial, Branches should be aware that Royal Mail took a unilateral decision to disband the National Joint Road Safety Working Group (NJRSWG), at a time when it was due to review the outputs of the slow manoeuvring trial. The business wrote to the department informing us they had now formed a new group wide forum named, ‘The Road Safety Taskforce’ (RST), extending an invite to the Officer of the department to attend a meeting. The department responded to the business informing them of the nominees from the outdoor department (Alan Tate and Bobby Weatherall), who would be attending any future meetings, and at the same time questioning what had happened to the NJRSWG. It seemed that all road safety issues and Royal Mail lead managers had been subsumed into the RST group leaving no avenue where outstanding trial reviews could be addressed outside of this forum.


For various reasons, including no invites, cancelled meetings etc, the new RST did not meet until the 5th of October 2016. The department voiced a number of concerns and raised a number of issues relating to Road Transport issues. From this meeting a new strand group of the RST is being established in the form of a strategic involvement group. This group will deal with new trials, reviews, initiatives and agreements.


With regard to the extended slow manoeuvring trial, whilst not originally having the opportunity to input into the extension of the trial, we feel that it would be wrong in ignoring the importance and relevance of the trial due to the safety measures it may bring in safeguarding our members with regard to on site Road Traffic Accidents. Therefore, rather than preventing the trial from continuing, we are prepared to accept the trial as it is, and on the same conditions as contained in the Terms of Reference as agreed on 15th September 2015 (see attached).


Below are the offices that are currently on track to conclude the trial by the end of October 2016, along with those that are off track and not in a position to conclude by the end of October.

 On Track




Melton Mowbray





Offices off Track


Eltham & Lee







Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230

Email address:



Yours sincerely




Mark Baulch​

CWU A/Assistant Secretary

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