Developing Our Vision Policy

Developing Our Vision Policy
Further to LTB 524/16, please find attached the business’s response to the union’s call for more meaningful and focused negotiations on the direction of the employer, its commitment to the spirit and intent of our agreements and the union’s progressive agenda determined by the CWU Policy Forum.
The CWU have made it clear, in the strongest terms, that we believe the absence of a consensus vision for the future, the attack on the pension promise and the very serious declining workplace environment (as management intensify the pressure on our members to drive budget savings) has to be addressed as a matter of urgency and we are pleased that the response from the business recognises the need to engage.
In many ways their response is predictable but I believe it does establish the key components for entering into genuine negotiation on our Policy Forum document and the policies carried, insomuch as the business accept we need to begin more formal negotiations and have no ‘in-principle’ problem dealing with CWU policy in future talks. We are meeting with the business on the 26th October to determine the structure for these talks.
Of course management will have their issues that they wish to progress but the union is seeking to design a negotiating structure to try and develop consensus and/or draw out the key differences between us. We have made it absolutely clear that the proposed negotiating structure aims to advance the Policy Forum Decisions and not substitute or retard current functional/Departmental talks already taking place. We have therefore broken down the Policy Forum Decisions into the following Negotiating Groups: Culture (More Human); Current Agreements; Resourcing; Pensions; Pipeline (Future Design); Pay, Terms & Conditions/Shorter Working Week; and Vision/Charter.
Each of the Negotiating Groups will be led by at least two Officers from a CWU perspective, along with their chosen negotiating teams, and the Postal Executive has already determined the protocol required for reporting and final decision-making to ensure a joined up approach across the whole range of our policies.
We imagine these talks evolving and accept this is very much a start point, with other policies (via existing commitments or Annual Conference motions) having to be factored in as the talks develop.
Our aim in these talks is to secure another long term agreement that will give our members the assurances and security required to ensure our continued cooperation with a rapidly changing future while affording industrial stability going forward.
In respect of communication with Representatives and members, it is very important to position this progress in the context of the Policy Forum document and the motions and amendments carried. To that end we have attached copies of both for ease of reference.
Yours sincerely,
Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 629/16 – Developing Our Vision Policy

Attachment 1 – LTB 629/16 – Developing Our Vision Policy

Attachment 2 – LTB 629/16 – Developing Our Vision Policy

Attachment 3 – LTB 629/16 – Developing Our Vision Policy

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