Dear Colleague,
Branches and representatives will be aware that LTB 413/15 provided information in respect of interim arrangements across the UK (excluding NI) in regard to the introduction of an electronic process to undertake six monthly licence checks for all staff required to drive as part of their duties, which came about due to the cessation of the driving licence paper counterpart 
The business has now confirmed that following examination of alternative options, it has decided to formalise the interim arrangements (excluding NI) and that this has now become the adopted process for RMG’s licence checks.
For the information of Branches the following attachments to this document are copies of the processes that should be used to:
Attachment 1: How to obtain a code by the licence holder
Attachment 2: How to use the code to perform a licence check (note that the code does not now expire after 72 hours but lasts for 21 days)  
Attachment 3: Instruction on how to record licence details.
On the introduction of the interim arrangements in 2015, concern had been raised with Headquarters that as managers had access to the required information, that they may be able to obtain a code and undertake a licence check without the drivers consent or knowledge. Representation was made to the business on this basis and we have been informed that guidance on performing the licence check with the driver’s permission will be reissued when each of the six monthly checks is instigated.      
If any instances of deviation from the process are experienced in relation to licence checks it should be brought to the attention of the relevant department immediately.
The revised licence check arrangements will also apply to driving licence checks for Parcelforce Worldwide drivers.
Branches should note however that these arrangements do not apply to Northern Ireland, where the process is that the counterpart and card continue to be checked, as these are still used for driver licencing.
Branches and representatives are requested to ensure that our members are made aware of this LTB and its annexes.
Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:
For Deliveries:
Bob Gibson, Assistant Secretary, e-mail outdoorsecretary@cwu.org quoting reference: 300.02
For Network, Area Distribution, RMSS & Parcelforce:
Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, e-mail: dwyatt@cwu.org or shayman@cwu.org quoting reference number: 202.09
Yours sincerely
Davie Robertson Bob Gibson
Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download

Attachment 1 Drivers- How to Share Your Driving Licence Details (2)

Attachment 2 FCA 4 2 1 Driving Licence Inspection Record 2016

Attachment 3 FCA 4 2 1a Driver licence check process 2016

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