To East of England CLP Secretaries and Chairs, MPs and MEP, Labour Group Leaders and Secretaries, and members of the Regional Board 

To East of England CLP Secretaries and Chairs, MPs and MEP, Labour Group Leaders and Secretaries, and members of the Regional Board 



As you are aware a contest for the leadership of the Labour Party will take place. For your information, I wanted to highlight the procedures for the contest and further information regarding the reasons for suspension of meetings, which was circulated recently to CLP Secretaries (see below). 


From a CLP point of view, the key part of the process is the CLP supporting nomination. The procedures for organising and running supporting nomination meetings are available to download in the email below. Please note that your CLP does not need to make a supporting nomination, but if they wish to do so, the CLP should follow these procedures. CLP officers should feel free to share with us their plan for their CLP’s nomination meeting so we can support them in ensuring the process is followed correctly and you are comfortable with the procedures.


Any queries at all please get in touch with me or the team by email or on 01279 625860.


Best wishes,




Cameron Scott

Regional Director

East of England Labour Party





Dear Constituency Labour Party Secretary,
I am writing to inform you that the National Executive Committee (NEC) has agreed the timetable for the election of the Leader of the Labour Party.
Today, there has been a further meeting of the Procedures Committee, established by the NEC, to oversee the contest. They agreed the remaining papers and procedures for the leadership election.
The election will conclude with a Leadership Conference on 24 September 2016 at which the results will be declared.
The following documentation can be downloaded at

A – Procedural guidelines, including balloting arrangements, and timetable for the election of Leader

B – Candidate code of conduct

C – Data protection

E – Guidelines for the conduct of Leadership debates

F – CLP supporting nomination guidelines
CLP meetings

In recent months there has been a marked increase in reports of intimidation and threatening behaviour taking place at party meetings. Whilst the NEC recognises that the majority of our members hold vigorous yet collegiate meetings, the NEC has a duty of care for individuals who feel that their safety is threatened. It was therefore saddened to have to take the decision to suspend all normal party meetings at CLP and branch level until the completion of the leadership election.
However, in recognition that there is some essential business which must be agreed by CLPs, the NEC has made a number of exceptions to this suspension while this timetable is in place. If there are any queries, please contact your Regional Director/General Secretary who will be able to provide guidance.
Meetings able to go ahead as agreed by the NEC include those:

• Meetings solely for the purpose of making a supporting nomination in the leadership contest and for essential Annual Conference business

• Campaign planning meetings for by-elections or devolved mayor campaigns

• Any other meetings (such as Executive Committee meetings or social or fundraising events) with the explicit permission of the Regional Director/General Secretary

Meetings which go ahead under these exceptions will not consider ordinary motions or other business, except as explicitly agreed by the Regional Director/General Secretary. This means any CLP meeting already scheduled should be postponed until after the completion of the leadership election. This will be with immediate effect.
Supporting nominations

As you may know, each CLP and affiliated organisation is entitled to cast a supporting nomination for the position of Leader. The supporting nomination process opens at 5pm on Wednesday 20 July and supporting nominations must be received by 12 noon on Monday 15 August. Download your Supporting Nomination Guidelines here.
The MP and MEP nomination process opens on Monday 18 July and candidates, except the incumbent Leader, will require the support of 20 per cent of MPs and MEPs to go forward to the ballot. The Procedures Committee will declare all validly nominated candidates for Leader on Wednesday 20 July.
CLPs supporting nomination will be recorded on the website once received and in the candidate booklet enclosed with the ballot mailing.
One Person, One Vote

Since the adoption of the Collins Review at the Special Conference on 1 March 2014, Leadership Elections are conducted on a One Person, One Vote basis.
The Collins Review also established voting rights for Registered and Affiliate Supporters, as long as they are on the electoral register in the UK, support Labour’s aims and values and are not members or supporters of other political parties or organisations.

As is standard with Labour Party selections procedures, members who joined the party at least six months prior to the freeze date will be eligible to vote. This means those who joined the party on or before 12 January 2016 will receive a ballot.
Members who are in arrears with their membership subscriptions must pay those arrears in full by 12 noon on Monday 8 August to be eligible to vote. Any member in arrears after this date will not receive a ballot paper. People can pay any arrears online by visiting or by calling 0345 092 2299.
Registered Supporters

Registered Supporters who pay a fee of £25 will be able to sign up online from 5pm Monday 18 July at The deadline for Registered Supporters to sign up is 5pm on Wednesday 20 July.
Affiliated Supporters

Tuesday 12 January is the last date to have joined the Labour Party or an affiliated organisation (Trade Unions and social societies) in order to vote in the leadership election. Affiliated organisations will have until Monday 8 August to submit new and updated affiliated supporters lists. The last date to register as an affiliated supporter is 12 noon on Monday 8 August.


The Labour Party will organise debates with the candidates. Dates and details of how you can take part will be available shortly on our website at

Leadership Conference

The results of the election for Leader of the Labour Party will be declared on Saturday 24 September. The Leadership Conference will be open to all delegates and ex-offico members already registered for Annual Conference at no extra cost. Due to space restrictions, however, delegate and ex-officio members places will only be held if you have registered to attend by Friday 9 September. Registration will open shortly on the Labour Party website.

Membership lists and data protection

Many people, including elected representatives, have access to Labour Party membership data to conduct the legitimate business associated with their role. I would like to remind everyone that on no account should data be given to other persons or organisations. It is particularly important during the leadership contest that no-one can be accused of misusing Labour Party membership data. No-one misusing data in this way will be supported in any case brought against them by the Information Commissioner and they may also be subject to Labour Party disciplinary procedures.
The NEC has agreed a moratorium on any access to membership lists by any office holder save for normal membership procedures.

Bullying, intimidation and harassment

No abuse of any kind by members or supporters will be tolerated in the Labour Party. All members and supporters must conduct themselves in a calm and polite manner and be respectful to each other at all times.
If you become aware of abusive behaviour from any member towards any other member, or if you yourself are subject to abusive behaviour, please let us know the details (such as names, specifics of incident, and any other details that may help) so that we can investigate. You can do this by emailing
Yours sincerely
Iain McNicol

General Secretary

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