Processing Report Christmas 2015

Processing Report         Christmas 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Christmas 2015

Early reports would suggest that we have had a good Christmas and remained within budget. There are not the usual amounts of overtime volunteers for next week so to safe guard the operation the business have booked casuals in Sunday 27th 1400 to 2200, Monday 28th 2200 to 0600 Tuesday, all volunteers are in during this period. Next week all the pre-scheduled overtime has brought in between 0600 Tuesday 29th to 1800 Thursday 31st and casuals have been booked for Tuesday and Wednesday, all catch overtime will be in when casuals are in.

Para: Ongoing


Christmas raffle in aid of the long term sick

The Christmas Raffle in aid of the long term sick was drawn on Tuesday. There were thirty three prizes ranging from a 1st prize of a days special leave A to toiletries which included a cut crystal bowl, ice cream maker, travel case, bottles of spirits/wine/beer and chocolates. Notices have gone on display around the building showing the winning numbers.

£1011.00 was raised by the ticket sales which will be divided between the members on long term sick.

I would like to thank all the CWU Reps who put a lot of effort into selling the tickets, the Managers, members of staff and CWU Reps who donated the prizes for the draw and all the people who purchased tickets to support this worthy cause.

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Processing Duty Structure

As of week commencing January 4th I will be withdrawn along with John Sambells (Late Shift Manager) to work on producing a processing duty structure which will include the processing element of work in both the collection and distribution halls.

Para: Ongoing



As we enter into the last few months of the financial year Royal Mail is concerned about their quality targets and therefore are investing money into improving it for the remainder of the year. The business will be adding 130 hours on each of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 1700 to 0600 to the resourcing plan for quality checks. The likelihood is that casuals will be employed to perform manual work allowing trained staff to perform the quality checks. The business will also be diverting out 20k of 2c parcels to Greenford MC on Monday and Tuesdays 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th January. There will be a full uptake of processing overtime when casuals are employed and we divert out.


Annual Leave Agreement

Nothing new to report

Para: Ongoing.


Parcel Sort Machine

Nothing new to report

Para: Ongoing.


Nationally Agreed York Mover (Tug)

Nothing new to report

Para: Ongoing.


Finger Scanners

Nothing new to report

Para: Ongoing.


New Conduct Code

Nothing new to report

Para: Ongoing.


EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative                                    

Date 23rd December 2015

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