Sunday Services – Enquiry Offices (Customer Service Points) 

Sunday Services – Enquiry Offices (Customer Service Points) 

Further to LTB 593/15 issued to Branches on 14th September 2015 it has come to our attention that very little activity has been taking place regarding the opening times of Enquiry Offices and in particular Sunday opening for the additional 266 Units which had been identified as fitting the criteria for Sunday opening.


Branches will recall that deployment of the Sunday Opening is scheduled to take place from January to March 2016 and Units were asked to engage early to enable discussions to be completed in time to meet this schedule.


Within the National Agreement, Annex A clearly stated:


It is accepted that all revised arrangements will be determined by fact and demonstrable evidence, including the agreed criteria as stated in the “Enquiry Office Opening Times” paragraph of the main agreement. Where locally units are unable to agree revised arrangements such cases should be escalated to the relevant ADR and DSM by 30th October 2015 to review the situation and see if agreement can found. Where no agreement can be found it should be escalated to the Delivery Director and CWU Divisional Representative by 20th November 2015 for further review. Failure to reach agreement at this stage will result in the disagreement being referred to National level by the 4th December 2015.


In order to establish exactly what the position is around the country we are requesting Branches and/or CWU Representatives to provide the department with a short report on the current state of play regarding the 266 Offices which are due to deploy Sunday opening in 2016. The full list is attached for ease of reference.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 530

Email address:


Yours sincerely


Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary   

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