Nationally Agreed Guidelines & Supporting Materials for the use of Mini Yorks within 7.5 tonne and above Vehicles

Nationally Agreed Guidelines & Supporting Materials for the use of Mini Yorks within 7.5 tonne and above Vehicles

In 2014 both the Indoor and Outdoor Department were presented with a proposal to include the use of Mini Yorks within the current operation and use on 7.5 tonne vehicles, primarily at Collection Hubs during Under the Roof operations and as such requested that they could be transported to the receiving Mail Centre as part of the despatch of mails.

It would be fair to say neither department fully understood the rationale for using Mini Yorks as potentially you decrease the amount of mail a vehicle can transport, however leaving that concern to one side we have made it clear throughout the discussions that the relevant safety concerns would need to be resolved before any use would be allowed.

As such both departments established a Joint Working Group to ensure that all of the relevant safety aspects had been considered as part of the proposed changes.

Following months of discussions around their use being safe and that all considerations around vehicle load plans and weight constraints had been factored in, the supporting materials were finally agreed with Royal Mail for their use within the operation.

Due to the voluminosity of the supporting material the guidelines have been placed onto the CWU website and access can be obtained through the link below.

In addition all of the supporting material can be obtained through the Royal Mail safety library which Area Safety Representatives will have access to, or through Royal Mail Safety Managers who have been informed that they should provide the materials upon request.

The materials show the respective load plans to be used when Mini Yorks are to be transported and the relevant straps to be used in the correct positions etc. Both departments wish to place on record their thanks to ASRs Tony Hayes, Paul Arandall, Steve Wyatt and Karl Maginn, who have been working on the process and materials for the departments.

Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 540/600

Email address:

Any enquiries to Terry Pullinger’s Office, quoting reference 714.14

Email address:

Yours sincerely Yours sincerely


Mark Baulch Terry Pullinger

A/Assistant Secretary Assistant Secretary

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