Health & Safety Reps Refresher Training Course: 1st – 4th September 2015

Health & Safety Reps Refresher Training Course: 1st – 4th September 2015 
CWU Conference 2013 carried Motion 89. Conference agreed that training for Health and Safety Reps was paramount and that in the CWU we have an excellent in-house Education and Training Centre and Programme providing Health and Safety Reps Stage 1, 2 and 3 Courses, followed by the TUC Occupational Health and Safety Diploma Course. 
It was agreed however that for those experienced, senior Health and Safety Reps that had completed their training some time ago, periodic refresher training courses should be made available in order to keep H&S Reps up to speed with ongoing developments in the field of health and safety, e.g. legal changes, new standards, regulations, approved codes of practice and guidance for examples as well as dealing with compliance, enforcement and the enforcing authorities for example. Additionally, there are the important aspects of occupational health now coming to the for alongside safety. 
The Health, Safety and Environment Department has been working with the Education and Training Department and the Ruskin College Course developers in progressing Motion 89(2013) and this is an update, progress report, on that work. 
Good progress has been made recently and I am pleased to report that a course programme has been developed and this is attached and is self-explanatory. 
I have suggested that two important current topics be included in the imminent round of courses and these key issues for inclusion are work-related Stress and Mental Health disorders plus the CWU Defending Health and safety Campaign – against government attacks. The 2014 TUC Safety Reps Survey has identified work-related Stress as the No 1 concern. 
We have requested that the employers give recognition to the course and grant paid release, adding it to the nationally agreed paid time off course list. 
Ruskin College has advised that full accreditation is difficult to achieve due to FE funding changes but the course will run and those attending will be provided with a joint CWU/Ruskin College certificate. 
The E&T Department has completed the operational and funding mechanisms to run a pilot course at Alvescot Lodge in the first instance. 

Applications can now be submitted by Branches for all ASRs/USRs and the usual protocols and application processes will apply. 
Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed in the first instance to the Education and Training Department on 020 8971 7441

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