Revised Revision Process – 6 Phase Sign Off Document




No. 142/15
Ref: 230.05
Date: 9th March 2015


To: Branches with POSTAL Members




Dear Colleague,


Revised Revision Process – 6 Phase Sign Off Document


Following points raised regarding H&S involvement in the revised revision process at the recent National Delivery Revision Briefings, and in consultation with the CWU Walk Design Group we have now agreed changes with Royal Mail to the Delivery Revision 6 Phase Sign Off document that confirms H&S involvement. 

CWU H&S Representatives should be involved throughout the revision process and will now be required to sign off Phases 1, 3, 4 and 6. However this does not mean that day to day H&S issues which should be dealt with on a day to day basis become entangled in the revision process. This is not to say that revisions should be deployed in unsafe environments but we should retain a distinction between what are normal day to day issues that H&S Representatives have a responsibility to deal with and those that are specifically aligned to the delivery revision.

It is important that CWU Representatives responsible for IR issues and those responsible for H&S issues retain a collaborative approach to the deployment of ongoing delivery revision activity to ensure we are deploying revisions that are sound, reliable, workable and safe for our members.

Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.05

Email address: or



Yours sincerely

Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary  Outdoor


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