Successful talks with Parcelforce for Sunday deliveries

Ahead of Parcelforce Worldwide’s introduction of Sunday deliveries this weekend, the CWU today (Thursday) announced successful negotiations which are sensitive to staff concerns about the new seven-day service. 

Following high level intensive negotiations with Royal Mail Group’s express parcels business Parcelforce regarding the introduction of Sunday deliveries and seven-day service, the union is pleased the following commitments have been made by management:

Commitment resourcing will be on ‎a voluntary basis

Current Sunday working pay rates will apply

Commitment no individual will work seven continuous days

Commitment from management to timetabled formal talks over potential new and innovative shift duty patterns

The delivery company is the first national parcel carrier to deliver seven-days a week and is designed to offer improved flexibility for online shoppers.

Terry Pullinger, CWU national officer, said: “Negotiations with Parcelforce management were fruitful and we are pleased that the move towards Sunday deliveries is not at the expense of our people but with our people. Staff are alive to the need for Parcelforce to respond to changing customer demands and the competitive challenge relating to a seven-day service in order to continue to be a leading provider.

“We’ve worked hard to ensure working on Sundays is voluntary for staff and we’ve got a commitment from management to timetable formal talks over potential new and innovative shift duty patterns, while still maintaining previously agreed principles, if this seven-day working is rolled out on a permanent basis.
“The talks with Parcelforce management established a very important principle as far as employment security is concerned and we are delighted that we have had an assurance that permanent employees will be used to deliver this new exciting innovation to customers.”

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