CWU retired members have their say at Pensioners’ Parliament

Retired CWU members attended the annual National Pensioners Convention (NPC) Pensioners’ Parliament at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool this week to debate, rally and network with fellow pensioners. 
Hundreds of retired and soon-to-be-retiring people from across the country gathered in the seaside town to listen to key speeches from Dot Gibson of the NPC, AgeUK’s Caroline Abrahams, and columnist and left-wing commentator Owen Jones.
Joining the dozens of CWU delegates on the pre-conference march was Margaret Greenwood, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Wirral West who, with the union’s support, is looking to oust sitting Tory MP Esther McVey at the 2015 general election.

Carl Webb and Margaret Greenwood support retired members at the annual National Pensioners Convention Pensioners
Carl Webb, North West regional secretary, commented from the event: “We are proud to march side by side with our retired comrades who are fighting against cuts to the NHS and for dignity and respect in retirement.
“We are not only fighting for today’s pensioners, but also tomorrow’s pensioners. Don’t forget we all aspire to be a pensioner,” he added.
Over the course of the Pensioners’ Parliament delegates discussed key topics including the future of the NHS, tackling loneliness, dignity in care and how to fight back against cuts to bus services around the UK.

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