CWU Youth & Women’s Event

(From LTB388/14)

Dear Colleagues,

Next Meeting of the CWU Youth (under 30) & Women’s Under-representation Working Party & the National Youth Education Event 2014.

This is to advise you that the next meeting of the CWU Youth & Women’s Under-representation Working Party will be held in Edinburgh on the Friday afternoon (3rd October 2014) before the start of the National Youth Education Event at the Novotel Hotel.

Branches are asked to encourage young women to attend both events where possible and timings will be issued nearer the time, but it is envisaged it will commence at around 1300. If branches have already submitted applications for the NYEE could they please let their female delegates know of the meeting so that they can factor in the timings to attend this meeting too.

Branches are also reminded to encourage young members to attend the National Youth Education Event which will be taking place from Friday 3 October to Sunday 5 October at the Novotel in Edinburgh. Early applications are encouraged to enable branches to take advantage of any advance travel arrangements that may attract cheaper prices and to arrange time off with employers.

Further information on the event was issued via LTB 178/14 in March, but if colleagues have any queries on this LTB or the events themselves please get in touch with the Branch Youth Officer or Branch Secretary

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