Labour conference agrees to re-nationalise Royal

The Labour Party conference today (Wednesday) unanimously agreed a motion continuing the opposition to a sale of Royal Mail and went further by unanimously agreeing the re-nationalisation of the postal service under a Labour government.

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said he was delighted with the decision. “I strongly welcome the decision of Labour conference to both continue opposition to the sale and to re-nationalise Royal Mail if it has been sold by the current government.

“A postal worker will deliver to every address in the UK today, six days a week, every week of the year. Royal Mail is part of the fabric of a One Nation society.”

The decision by the Labour Party conference comes after the government announced their intention to float the public service as it approaches its 500th birthday.

“Labour’s conference decision should raise a warning flag for potential investors” said Billy, adding: “Poll after poll has shown public opposition to the sale, and with the company making substantial profits, there is no economic argument for the sale.

“There is still time for this government to listen to the public, consumers and the businesses and user groups who have campaigned under the Save Our Royal Mail banner and drop this politically dogma driven sale” concluded Billy.

For Billy’s full speech in moving contemporary motion 8 visit his blog.

Labour shadow minister Ian Murray announced this week that the Labour Party will force another vote in the Commons on the privatisation of Royal Mail in the coming weeks.

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