Pensions Consultation

 Dear Colleague

 The purpose of this LTB is to remind all CWU Representatives and members that the Pension Consultation process is due to conclude on the 25th August.  It is essential that we maximise the amount of postcards being returned to both the Royal Mail Group and Post Office Limited. 

 In addition to Royal Mail letters members, individual letters with the postcard enclosed are being sent to POL and Parcelforce members.  We are also sending a further hundred postcards to every Branch and these should be taken to workplaces and filled in by our members. 

 We are asking Branches to send a reminder to Reps and workplaces about the importance of returning the postcards.  We expect Branches to ensure that the hundred postcards being sent to them are completed in the workplace.  

 To further raise the profile of the Pension Consultation, the Union is planning communications that can be forwarded to the Trustee Board to ensure they are held to account.  This exercise is not restricted to the same timescale of the 25th August 2013, but nevertheless it will need to be actioned soon and details of this will follow before the end of the week. 

 In the meantime Branches must concentrate on maximising the return of the postcard before the Consultation process closes on the 25th August 2013.

 Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the DGS (P) Department.

 Yours sincerely

Dave Ward 

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